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Washington D.C. teams up with WeChat to attract Chinese tourists

2018/3/21 17:03:20
The tourism promotion office of U.S. capital city Washington D.C. on Tuesday announced that it's partnering with WeChat, a major Chinese social media tool, to attract more Chinese tourists.

As part of the partnership, WeChat will help businesses in Washington to set up official accounts on its platform, create WeChat mini programs, and plug into the WeChat Pay system, to better serve Chinese tourists.

In a statement, Destination D.C. noted China has been Washington's largest overseas market for the past few years, partly due to the city's vigorous programs to coach its restaurants, hotels and tour providers to better cater the needs of Chinese travelers.

In 2017, Destination D.C.'s official account became the most followed among all U.S. destinations on WeChat, it said.

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